Please Add Field of Opening Balances in Customers & Suppliers

I am new to Manager, i was using Tally and Busy accounting Software, this software is very user friendly but i did not find opening balance while creating new customer account and not in supplier, please add this to view ledger balance of party if he has some balance in previous year.

please read the guides section and search the forum before posting new questions.

what is your opening date?

Start dates are now set under Starting Balances. See this Guide:


u need to enter your previouse balance with 31-03-2018.
it will automatically appears as an opening balance as on 01-04-2018.

that is not the correct method to record starting balance in Manager. the correct method is clearly explained in the guides i linked in my earlier post.

thanx i dont see this before.
is it updated in recent few updates.

yes. Starting balances was moved under Settings recently. please update.

using updated version.
but dont know about this feature.
actually i use this feature 2 month ago, i think that time it was not available.
anyway thanks for guidance.

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