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How i add starting balance (credit and stock)in new version of manager.?

Enter starting balances | Manager

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Thanks for your kind reply i trying to enter starting balance throw guides butt in sales invoice in account field account receivable not appear to enter starting balance i am using latest version of manager.
if i enter available credit field amount goes negative in ledger.

i am humbly requested can you please help me to solve this problem.

Set starting balances for customers | Manager


I am use this option butt after enter credit amount goes negative

A credit amount on a customer balance represents money you owe the customer

Usually, the customer owes you money - you should enter the unpaid invoices as laid out in the guide


but when i am generate an unpaid invoice in account field “accounts receivable” option not show if i continue invoice amount goes in suspense .

@meesam, your description is not making sense. Can you please illustrate what you mean with screen shots?


Here Is some screen shots


You don’t want to put “accounts receivable” in that field; you want to put the actual account (likely an income account) that this invoice will be credited to.



if i create invoice in income account it will be shown in income area and probably damage profit and lose statement.
secondly account receivable is assets not income so in that field must be account receivable i think b’coz starting balance is receivable not income,


Sir any solution on this .?

Under the accrual accounting system, income accounts are credited when an invoice is created. Create the invoice with an income account, and the invoice amount will be listed as an asset under Accounts Receivable. Income is recognized when the sale is made, not when the customer pays.

If I can be blunt with you, I think you need to discuss how this sales flow should work with a bookkeeper, or read up on the topic a little bit in some source like Accounts Receivable and Bad Debts Expense | Outline | AccountingCoach. Because I don’t think you understand it right now.

Good luck.

@meesam, you have not read the Guides provided. Or you do not understand them. Pre-start-date invoices will not add to your income. They are only used to set the starting balance.

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Two things are important in starting balance (customer & supplier).
1- what date i chose in sales invoice.
2- witch account i chose in account field.

if any one doing this exercise in latest version please shear screen shots

please help me this

@meesam, this statement is correct. But you do not seem to understand it yourself. Nor do you seem to understand the Guides you have been directed towards. Using your numbering scheme above:

  1. The date does matter. It should be the date of the original invoice. And it must be prior to the start date you have set in the Settings tab. If it is not, the invoice will be treated as a current invoice and will not be used to set a starting balance. If it is prior to the start date, it will be used to set the customer’s or supplier’s starting balance, but will have no other effect.

  2. The account you choose for line items on the invoice must be the same as on the original invoice in the previous accounting system. You cannot choose Accounts receivable or Accounts payable.

You must accept these facts. They describe how the program works, no matter what you think.