Add Opening Balance more functions

Now in Manager i have difficult to add opening balance of my accounts, can Manager add menu to enter opening balance after we make an Start Date?? and its automatically open a windows that filled by Account that have an Opening Balance. i hope this one is more helpful to us.

Got to Reports and select Opening Balances report. Every account with an opening balance is shown. You can drill down into any by clicking on the balance.

@Tut, yes i have know that way. I hope that more easy to fill opening balance. And can i ask for something again, why we can fill the opening balance for Receivable and payable. in real world sometimes we just have amount from that account, why just Customer and Supplier credits can be fill. Thanks

@ahmadsetioaji, I am not on the staff of NGSoftware. I am just a user like you, trying to help other users. So I do not always know why things are a certain way.

I can tell you, though, that Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are control accounts. They have sub-accounts linked to suppliers and customers, who must be created in Manager. So you cannot just transfer a balance from another accounting system. You must have the corresponding purchase or sales invoices in Manager that lead to the payables and receivables. That is necessary so you can later properly assign payments to the correct invoices.

I believe the reason Customer credits and Supplier credits can be filled in is because existing customers and suppliers may have outstanding balances when you adopt Manager. So after you have created the customers or suppliers, you can edit their credit balances. These amounts by definition are not associated with invoices. They resulted from over- or under-payments by someone. So you will not need an associated invoice to clear them in the future. Instead, these balances can be applied to new invoices.

For payables & receivables - just enter invoices using dates before whatever date is set as your ‘START DATE’. The total of these invoices will then become the opening balances for receivables and payables and better yet, will reflect the correct aging buckets :-).

I actually found the opening balances process to be the easiest I’ve encountered so far in any accounting software.

@Tut and @alasdair, thanks for your answer. I have do it in my case, but if we have to fill it separately its more be helpful. @Tut, can i know your email or something that we can chat or anything or just add my FB. You can seach by my nickname on it. Thanks All

Please assist me, i am unable to put opening balance on cloud edition . It limits me to input the start date only. …but i cannot find a way to put opening balance

You are reading an obsolete, five-year old Guide. Read this Guide: Enter starting balances | Manager.

The Guides should always be your first resource with questions. Their search function works quite well.