Account opening balance for customers

Hello, need help for setting account opening balance for customers and suppliers, because for several minutes i’m look for solutions but i’m still confussed

Please read this guide: Manager Cloud

Also this Guide: Manager Cloud.

thank you for your help guys. i just try it, and finally i can set up the balances.

I couldn’t find the page, please help

You could start by reading the guides. You could also use the search feature of the forum to find similar posts.

BTW, after 4 years the program has changed quite a bit and so have the guides to keep up with the changes.

Also the Tab Setting => opening balance is not shown in the version I have … how can I get it ??

Well, you haven’t even clicked the link I gave you to access the Guides section. I have taken the time to search the corresponding guide: Set starting balances for customers

You should also always indicated which edition (desktop, server or cloud) and version (at the time of writing this it’s of Manager you are using, together with the OS.