Placeholder tags in email templates

Is it possible to use placeholders tags in email templates. For instance {{reference}} or {{custom_filed_whatever}}, which actual value would be replaced by Manager upon sending email. If yes, where is your documentation on what tags are allowed.

The idea is that email templates will support exactly the same variables as view templates. You will need to wait for this a week or two until implementation is complete and documentation updated. The only variable which works right now is {{ reference }} but I guess you have figured that one out already.

OK, thanks. Is it implemented yet?

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Hey, I have the same question. Will this feature be included in future releases? I see no reply to the OP and wondered where things where on this.


It would be nice if you can use the variables ( also in emails. So you will be able to have personalised emails and make it easier for repeating customers to distinguish muliple emails…

I just tested this (not yet mentioned feature in the guides), and {{ reference }} works for the subject rule, but not for the body-text and also other variables can not be used inside the body yet.

Any ETA for this?

– Dillard