Email template subject references

I already have emails templates setup in invoices to auto complete the invoice number when we hit email in the subject field. I would like to do the same with customer statement so it populated the customer name. This will assist when you look at email to know what you sent to which customer. I just can’t seem to get the correct reference in there. on invoice {{reference}} works great but does nothing on customer statement so I tried {{customer}}, {{Customer}} and {{customers}}. Any idea what else I can use here or if is possible at all?

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I do not find any practical use for this requirement. Why would you need customer name when you would be mailing only their statement to them. Manager reports all customer or supplier statements separately. So it would never get mixed up.

Still if you need to show your customer name try using {{ }}

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That works thanx. Some customer asked to have that in as they only look at the subject when reading mails. Its more nice to have than a use case for it. I also can the see that I did send statement to a customer by name on emails tab instead of matching email to customer name.