Signature in Email

Can you add a field where we can put our signature so when the customer receive an email their can see our signature at the bottom of the email.

Sometime next month, you will see new section called Email templates under Settings. This will allow you to pre-define emails so when emailing customers and suppliers, the content of the email will be automatically generated based on the context.

Hi. When will ‘Email Templates’ be available?

Check the latest version (14.8.27).

Email Templates have been just added into Settings tab. (click Customize button to enable it)

Keep in mind, it’s really basic implementation for now. No support for variables yet but it does allow you to set default Subject and Message Body when sending various documents by emails to your customers & suppliers.

In the Massage Body, the fonts is large and bold. Can it be normal as email font.

I don’t see this. Can you post some screenshot what you see?

This is how it shows in the email body.

Manager is able to send emails in plain text only so this might be email client increasing the font size on its own.

Try to send sample email to from Manager to see if we can reproduce it at our end.

I have set up templates for emails.
The email appearance in Manager is not the same as the email received by customer.
Can you please tell me how to fix this.

Also, would like to know how to pick up customer name on the email.

Email templates are written in Liquid. See the Guide: Use email templates | Manager. To pick up information from the transaction being emailed, you must include the Liquid variable. These can be seen by examining the code for a theme.

If you do not have the skills to write the Liquid code yourself, hire a local programmer to assist you.

Thanks, I have now got this working, the {{“” “” }} creates the line breaks I was looking for.

Dear {{ }}

{{“please find attached your invoice”}}

{{“please pay at”}}
{{“bank account 123-456”}}