Mail template per client


There are mail-templates for orders, invoices…
Some clients ask me to put specific text in the subject of the mail with the invoice (I send my invoices immediately from Manager).

Is it possible (or can it be an idea) to make a specific mail template for one or more clients?
So, when manager loads the mail template, first check if there is specific mail template for that client, if not, just use the default.


Have you tried making an email template containing a Liquid conditions statement to display the specific information for the required sub set of emails? A custom field may provide an efficient method of invoking required features in your template or even the customer specific text.

Yes I tried already with custom fields and Liquid in my template.
I do use already.
Problem is that the subject of the mail is already displayed and loaded.
Or do you mean adding Liquid code in de the subject line of the template?

Be aware that email templates are not written in Liquid. Only themes are. Email templates accept HTML.

EDIT: I was incorrect about this. See post below. Email templates are, indeed, written in Liquid.

That surprises me

Develop an email template

To develop a specific email template, click Edit beside its name in the listing. Enter your desired content, using the Liquid templating language:

Subject should indicate the matter covered in the email. The code, {{reference}}

This does look similar to liquid code to me

Yes, use the full capability of Liquid where ever Manager supports it.

My mistake. You are correct, @Patch . I had not looked at that Guide in quite a while. The Liquid reference was added about 13 months ago. I will edit my earlier post with a correction.

So, does the subject line support Liquid or not?

yes. both the subject line and body of email templates support liquid codes.

Can data from Custom Field be retrieved also?

should be possible. i have not checked the same personally.