Email placeholder {{ reference }} doesnt seem to work

I have a email template created with and place the place holder into the subject and the body and it doesn’t seem to work.

Tried {{ reference }} {{reference}} {{ reference}} {{reference }} and the respective versions with capital R as well.

I am using the desktop version, is this not available in the desktop version?

The placeholder is {{reference}} (no spaces and all lowercase)

On which document are you trying it?

that didnt work either, its when i send invoices to clients from the email button from the view invoice page.

Just to clarify, {{reference}} will work only in subject field.

When you say it’s not working… what do you see instead? Still {{reference}} or nothing.

im seeing reference in the preview window and when it arrives in my email box im testing with

I’ve tested this, and it’s working fine for me. (As a bonus, the PDF file takes on the name of the email subject line, so including {{reference}} in the subject line adds the reference number to the PDF file name too. Nifty!)

Note that {{reference}} doesn’t work with Statements – nor should it, since statements are not numbered. @Suohryu, are you sure you’re testing this with Sales Invoices (or Sales Quotes, etc.) and not with Statements?

Also, @Suohryu, are you sure you are using double curly braces and not parentheses or brackets?


i uploaded a screen of my email programs subject of the received email. it seems correct to me, but maybe you can see something im doing thats silly.

@Suohryu, if you send me your accounting file to, I will have a look at what’s going on.

i was running 16.2.34, i just updated to the latest version and it still didn’t work, until i edited the template again and then restarted. Suddenly its working.