Insert database queries in to email template

Is there a way to insert database code into email templates? the way it is done in the general templates for invoice etc.


Subject : invoice #{{ strings.invoice_number }}

Dear {{ }}, 

Thank you for using our service. 

Please find invoice #{{ strings.invoice_number }} attached.

See this thread:

Variables like that can’t be used in email templates yet. It will be definitely implemented sometime this year.


Thank you for your reply. That would make manager a step closer to beeing, the single tool I need for my daily (routine) operations.

If possible also, the possibilty to insert the logo. e.g.

<img src="{{ business.logo }}" style="max-width: 300px; max-height: 150px">

Thank you in advance, it’s an awseome product, keep up the good work!

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Dear Lubos,
any update about it ?
It is really important to add Client name Invoice numbers in emails.
If possible please let me know.
i checked user guides but i was unable to find anything related to that.

search the forum. solutions were already provided.

Dear @sharpdrivetek

Can you provide me any link which have list of supported variables. ?
i have seen this

I want all workable variable so i can create my own email templates.

there is no such list.
all variables available can be found in the default theme.
also on the forum where users have shared the same.

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