PDF problem on Mac

Having problem when using PDF Button , pop up show below, when click “OK” system become not respond. Have to force quit to reopen Manager.

It happened , since Catalina OS, have to print and do the scanning instead, any help please.

Many Thanks

Does it still occur after updating Manager to the current version?

Yes… problem still exist

Tried before uninstalled and reinstalled Manager also.

Many thanks

Are you trying to create a PDF of a custom theme? Manager’s PDF generator does not support everything you might have included, particularly when it comes to font attributes, because of the need to support translations into so many languages.

First, determine if the built-in theme, Plain works. Then begin selectively adding your theme customizations until you find the one (or more than one) that causes the problem.

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Many thanks Tut

No I didn*t use custom theme. Just the plain built-in theme with add on Custom Field i.e., Banks Details, etc.,

And this been working OK before updated Mac Os to Catalina. Since then, the problem occurred.
I did back up Manager to external HD, uninstalled Manager and re-install using imported backup, problem still exist.

What I intended to do is waiting for the new fiscal year 2021. I will back up 2020 account to external HD for record purpose. Then un-install Manager entirely, and install fresh Manager, and start to create 2021’s account from scratch, see if this will work.

Many thanks again for your usual advise to the forum’s topic as usual.
Have a nice weekend !

p.s. One more thing might be worth mentioning, I do use some details wordings i.e., company address, title of form (Invoice) in Thai language to comply with local requirements, but Manager also support Thai Language in their list.

I don’t know the exact source of your problem. But uninstalling, reinstalling, and beginning again will have no impact. Creating PDFs of the same transaction with the same fonts and characters will produce the same result.

Many thanks Tut