Printed Theme Different to PDF & Email Theme

When I create a Sales Invoice and set my custom theme, the printed output is my custom theme design. But when I email or create a pdf of the sales invoice the plain theme is applied.

What version of the software? And can you show a screen shot of the Edit screen for a sales invoice that behaves this way?

I’m using 18.4.55, I’m not sure if this is the screenshot you are looking for.

everything looks okay with your screenshot.

you are few versions behind.
can you please update to the latest version and see if the problem persists?
also update us on what OS you are on.
are you using the Print button to print the invoice? is this the output you found to be okay?
is clicking the PDF button alone causing the problem?

@sharpdrivetek I’ve updated to the latest version, 18.4.89, but still the same issue. I’m working on Windows 10.

Yes, when I use the print button my custom theme prints out, but when I click the PDF or Email button the plain theme is applied.

Can you go to Settings => Themes and click the View button for the Lilliput Theme. Show us that screen shot. (It won’t be any real transaction.) Then click the PDF button for sales invoice #3 and show us the result.

the PDF button and Email button utilizes the internal pdf generator of Manager which do not support all the style attributes.
it looks okay on the screen because Manager basically is a browser and using the Print button prints the page directly to the printer.

but i am unsure why it reverts to the plain theme like you have mentioned.

@sharpdrivetek is headed the same place I am. I want to see how Lilliput Theme compares to Plain.

@Tut @sharpdrivetek

you seem to have written the code in html.
Manager themes use liquid coding. they look similar but they are not the same.

@sharpdrivetek ok, how do I go about converting it to liquid.

you cannot convert it, you have to code it.
you can mostly understand it if you look at the codes of various default themes.
support for custom themes are not provided on the forum as it is the responsibility of the user.
please hire any local programmer if you personally do not have the necessary skills.

@sharpdrivetek perfect thanks, that’s also another issue, I can’t seem to view any of the code from the built-in themes I just have the option to activate them.

after you activate a theme, View it and then click the Copy To button and select New Theme.

Brilliant, thanks.

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Well, this did not answer my question. I asked to see the result of clicking the View button, not the Edit button. I was not interested in the code, but the visual differences. But it worked out, as we found out you weren’t coding in Liquid.

See this Guide: There is a link to a Shopify syntax guide. If you can code HTML, you’ll be able to code Liquid.