PDF invoice not saving correctly

Ok so I created a an invoice as you can see from the first screen shot… everything looks good and normal. But when I try to save this as a PDF to my Mac desktop what I get is almost a blank page with the entire invoice information missing.

How to fix please?

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You are doing better than I am. I am also a Mac user, and when I try to use the Save button, I get this message, after which Manager quits:

However, since you are a Mac user, you can just print and select PDF as the print mode. @lubos has said he is aware of these problems with the Save feature and will correct them.

Wow that’s crazy!!

The only way I can get it to work is pretend I want to print the invoice and in there I get a second option to save as PDF which seems to work ok.

I don’t really trust the ‘email invoice’ option as I do not have a clue what actually gets sent, if it was even sent successfully, what it looks like, or if my client even receives anything.

What you are doing is exactly what I meant. I also like to send my own invoices. The great thing about Manager is that you can tailor it so much to your preferences.

Save to PDF button is not working everywhere yet. Right now, PDFs can be created either by using Print button or by emailing yourself PDF using Email button.

The reason why print and email buttons are not really that great is that Print button produces slightly different results on different operating systems. Email button depends on internet connectivity is quite slow.

Save to PDF button is solving both problems but it’s not 100% working yet.