Mail PDF function not working

After updating to Sonoma 14.0, Manager no longer is able to send an invoice as an email attachment using the Print command. Does someone have a workaround or a solution to this problem?

Thanks for your help in advance!

What edition and version of Manager are you using?

@paula, it is not clear what you are referring to. Emails have never been sent from Manager using the Print command. If you have set up Email Settings correctly in the Settings tab, you will have an Email button with which you can email directly. And this functions perfectly under Mac OS v14.0 (Sonoma). I just verified that one minute ago.

If you want to create a PDF using the legacy feature and email that as an attachment using your ordinary email program, you can do that. Or you can use the Print button and select Send in Mail as a PDF option in the print dialog box or save a PDF and attach that to an ordinary email. Neither of those options has anything to do with Manager. If you cannot send email attachments in those ways, that is an operating system or computer issue on your end.

Hi, I have just installed the new version When I sent out the payslip,the employee could not opened the payslip attached to the email. It’s a blank page when they opened the file. Kindly advise what is wrong with it. Thank you.

I have also updated and the email feature doesn’t work anymore. It tells me there is an error but when I go back into email settings and press test email, that part works.

All I updated was manager software?

Search the forum, this deals with a an Anitvirus setting that you need to disable for Manager.

@Adelang, I do not know where you got that version, but it is not “new.” It is 41 versions out of date. Download here: Download -


I have downloaded the software again with the link which you have provided. Attached below the message I received when I tried to open the payslip to view.

Please advise what is wrong. Thank you.


I used to be able to hit print and then choose to mail PDF and it would attach a PDF file to an email. It no longer does that. I can use the email function but it always whacks out my fonts on the invoice. I can choose to save a PDF and then manually attach it to an email, but that takes more time than I would like. Any thoughts as to why the program will not longer attach a PDF through the Print function after updating to Sonoma? indicates it is a local server, i.e. not accessible via the internet. You should generate a PDF file (use print to PDF) and email it using your email software or enable the obsolete PDF generator and email from Manager. Just using the email function without the PDF generator from a desktop version will lead to the screenshot you have shown.

@paula, you have not described a procedure that ever worked in Manager. You may have done something similar, but whatever you did was a feature of Mac OS, not of Manager. And the terminology was definitely not the same. Precise terminology matters. You probably selected the Send in Mail option in the PDF dropdown menu of the Mac OS print dialog box. As I already told you, that is totally unrelated to Manager.

As already explained, it never did. PDFs are an obsolete feature and are no longer supported by the developer. The feature was restored to the program by the developer because so many users objected to its removal. The clear explanation at the time was that if it works for you, it works. If it doesn’t, you are on your own.

But you seem not to have read my original response. If you set up email correctly, you will have the ability to email directly from any view screen. Did you try that? It’s much more direct and intuitive than trying to email from a print dialog box.

Sorry @Tut but if you do this from the Desktop version then for example the link will go to her local server, i.e. as it is not possible with Desktop version. The screenshot in @Adelang post shows the error.

@eko, I have to disagree. As stated in my first response above, I just verified that the Email button works from the desktop edition under Mac OS v14.

Yes the email button works! However, the “link” for the receipient does not as it links to the desktop of the sender.

When i send an email, the recipient gets a PDF attachment, not a link. Maybe this is because I am testing, so I am sending from one email account to another, but the received email is being viewed on the same machine that sent it? I cannot check that.

to email payslips form the desktop version you need to enable obsolete feature → pdf

Only when you use the obsolete PDF feature.

Hi Patch,

How do I enable the PDF feature?


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I have the same problem. After I updated to Sonoma, the Print button/Send in Mail no longer generates a pdf copy of the invoice in Apple Mail. I just download and installed the latest version of Manager thinking this might fix the issue. No such luck! Any ideas?

Go to Settings, Obsolete Features, Internal PDF Generator

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