Save not working

I’ve just drawn up a quote and sent it off. I used the Save function to save a local copy. When I view the PDF the only thing there is the notes from the quote, the rest of the quote is completely missing!

I’ve the same issue. If you are on Microsoft, try to save it to XPS format and then open with PDF.

Oh, it’s very easy to save to PDF, I have CutePDF installed and can just print using that driver as I usually do to save local copies. However, I thought it’d be nice to make use of this in-built function and save a bit of time pointing and selecting a printer, etc., and as other people may be reliant upon this method I thought I’d bring it to Lubos’ attention. :wink:

“Save to PDF” button is not working on invoices or quotes yet. It works on most reports though.

“Print” button can be used in the meantime but it does produce inconsistent output across different operating systems which make it difficult to create re-usable cross-platform invoice (and other) templates. “Save to PDF” button will solve that. It will also make it easier to obtain PDF version of the document with less clicks. It won’t take more than a few weeks before it’s working properly everywhere.