PDF from Mobile browser

while trying to print invoice or statement in PDF format from Mobile browser i’m getting the below:

Can you please provide the guidance to fix this issue.

Three questions:

  1. Are you using a custom theme? It looks like you are. If so, you are responsible for its performance.

  2. Have you checked the contents of your business details? You may have invisible characters that are forcing the program to allocate too much space to the column on the right side of the scribe line.

  3. Do things print correctly if you use the Print button instead of the PDF button?

One suggestion:

  1. To help isolate your problem, try temporarily deleting the Arabic text in your company name. The combination of English and Arabic text may be causing problems.

1- No custom theme used, this cloud edition opened from mobile.
2- I removed the Arabic text and it’s fixed.
3- printing performed from computer and it was perfect even with Arabic text.


This looks like an inability of your mobile device’s browser to handle simultaneous left-to-right and right-to-left text.


The issue still in the Customer statement