The font used for arabic language has some issues

The font used for arabic language while generating a PDF report has some presentation issues
If there’s a way to change this font?

See below
Screen of the report

In the PDF

Any chance you could post the images the right way up - it is quite difficult to spot what you are trying to show?

You also need to tell us what you think the issues are.

If you just don’t like the font (which is Noto Sans to accomodate more than 70 languages) you can change it with a custom theme. Read the Guide:

Also, you have been asking many questions for which answers already exist in the Guides. You should search the Guides before starting new topics in the forum.


I prefer if the program is fixed for everyone rather than individual users manually changing the font to “fix it themselves”.

So I’m curious what is the issue?


I read the guide before
But I didn’t have an idea about HTML
So i passed the layout chapter while reading
But after the advice of @Tut I understood how to fix this issue

That isn’t the point. The developer has asked what the issue is.

Some truncated characters appear as they are associated with the letter before which they must appear insulated

The issue appears only while exporting pdf Even after changing the font

Sounds similar to an intermittent issue I’ve seen even with English.

If you immediately try to re-generate the PDF a second time, does it look OK the next time?

Unfortunately no
Even when i changed the font of the report to Tahoma which is the most common font
In think that the problem is with the PDF generator
Hope to solve it by developer

Try both the PDF and Print buttons, and see if you get different results.

In fact :pensive:
I tried this before
The result isn’t the same because PDF and PRINT don’t work in the same way
PDF generator work with Manager preferences
PRINT work with the system preferences


when i printed through my paper printer the the used font was totally different from the one presented in the preview but without any issue

When I generate a PDF file through adobe acrobat the result was the same as what the paper printer gave but in pdf format

When i generate pdf file through PDF generator in Manager i had what is shown in the pictures above