Payroll Processing

I’m coming from Quickbooks and seeing if this will do what I need it to do.

Can PAYG deduction amounts be calculated automatically or do I have to work it our manually?

And, Superannuation, currently 9%, can it be calculated automatically or is that a manual calculation as well?

Currently both would be a manual calculations but if the wages/salaries are constant then you could use the Settings - Recurring Payslip feature and only calculate once

Is there a way to make our own tax table for easy reference? I too am coming over from Quickbooks. We are only two people with a tiny payroll and they are gouging us for the payroll features each year. I am prepared to enter manually but do not understand where or how.

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I don’t know where you are or what type of tax you are asking about. But your local tax authority should have tables and/or formulas you can use. Generally, these are available online. If you use a formula, a simple spreadsheet should do the trick.

As to where and how, have you read the Guide at Setting up payroll?

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yes I read that but don’t know where to enter the amounts…do the item categories show up WHEN I start to create a paycheck? I am in the US. I did create my different tax items, like State, FED and SS and Med. I am totally new to this program and want to learn this. I am getting too old to have to learn new stuff I guess. I have the percentages from the FED site , just have to go to state now and get theirs. Will what I enter in this area when creating a check, be saved anywhere? Do I need to keep a separate spread sheet for my wages like I used to when I did all this by paper? I am self taught on Bookkeeping and just learn what I have to know. Numbers easily confuse me. I never wanted to be a bookkeeper to anyone, but my husband’s business has never been big enough to pay one.

Everything you enter into Manager is automatically saved to your data file when you click Create or Update (after editing something). You should frequently use the Backup feature to save backup copies of the data file on a different hard drive, in Dropbox, or at least on a USB flash drive in case (when, not if) your regular hard drive fails.

You should not need a separate spreadsheet.

I don’t actually use the payroll module because of the organizational structure of my business, so others will have to provide further help.

I strongly recommend creating a test business in Manager. You can have as many as you want. Play around in the test business until you understand the workings of Manager. Then start using it for your actual business records.

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thank you, I really appreciate your help. the only reason we need the payroll is because we are incorporated. We are “employees” of the business and the rare times there is enough for a check I have to do all the tax thing. Plus when I get behind in bookkeeping I hire my daughter to come in catch me up. Otherwise I would not bother with it. I already have what little I have entered, backed up to a USB drive.

OK, thanks.