Employer contribution

I am wondering if the Employer contribution in the Payslip area is working or not? I am have trouble getting it to work.

Is there something that I have not setup properly?

Could you be more specific why you think it doesn’t work?

I think I solved my question… have use calculator and enter the amount into the employer contribution box, I thought the box would be auto-calculate. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, right now the figures must be entered manually. Formulas will be eventually added to payroll so that would make calculations automatic but we are not there yet.

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How do I pay for the deductions(employee’s portion of EPF contribution)? Journal entries? Thanks!

Have there been formulas created for payroll super contributions (Australia) and PAYG created as yet that i can download.

Not Yet

Any ideas as to when this may happen. I am new to Manager, and enjoying the simplicity to it. But i do find the payroll area a bit confusing and feel that having formulas would make life a little easier.

That’s in the developers hands - apparently it’s on one of the To Do Lists but has no timetable

Do you know how to calculate PAYG amounts by hand? I agree it is major inconvenience if you have many employees who earn different amounts each pay period. You have to manually calculate PAYG for each of them.

But is this the case? If your employees earn the same amount each pay period, then you get calculate their PAYG and Super just once and set it up as recurring payslip.


Yes I can work out the PAYG by hand, and they work different hours and rates each week, so a recurring payslip won’t work for me. That’s ok thanks anyway.

You could try using the Clone feature - select the employees last payslip then click View

Yep worked that one out. Thanks anyway.