Pay as You Earn PAYE

When is Manager is going to add PAYE calculations.

And also is there going to be a feature where you can just give a command for automatic payroll based on salary details you have set for employees, group of employees, class of employees, and automatically all the payroll liabilities will be created?

Is there an estimated time for this?

By end of this year, there will be “in-built” payroll deductions and contributions which will allow automatic calculations. Obviously this will have to be crowd-sourced as it’s beyond our scope to research payroll rules across entire world.

For now, you will need to do calculations manually outside of Manager. Or if your employees are on salary, their payslip will look the same each pay period. In that case “cloning” payslip is way to go.

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Thanks Lubos, I understand you can’t research all the payroll rules in the world but you may provide the options from where one can configure the way they want it to go.

Any update?

You are reopening a topic more than three years old. Since then, both cloning and recurring payslips have been added. Still no automatic calculations.

In the end, automatic calculations will be done via country-specific apps which can work on top of Manager using API.

Still, a lot of companies don’t need automatic calculations. If you have salaried employees, their payslip look the same week by week and setting up recurring payslips should be the way to go.

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I agree with your suggestion abeiku