Feature request: payroll tax and super deductions

I know that paroll tax is a complicated feature, but having to go outside of manager to calculate tax for employees each week is a chore I’d rather avoid.

Are tax tables, rates of payoll tax or any such similar feature on the road map?

Even if businesses manually entered the tables, it would be better than what we do now.

In a similar vein, if the superanuation was also a predetermined percentage (overloadable in the employee settings if they opt to pay more—that would also apply to tax I suppose) this wouldn’t have to be manually adjusted for employees whose pay change week by week.

(thanks in advance to any commentators who may note “Manager isn’t a payroll system, it is an accounting package” yaddah yaddah, best principles yaddah yaddah… I know that, however, Manager is becoming a full featured package in it’s own right and this would certainly be a welcomed addition for many businesses.)

Having said all that, this is just a “feature request” and a RFC :slight_smile:

Just to add: I for one would volunteer to add the tables/rates/calculations to manager for PAYG tax for Australian users each year (well, for as long as I’m using Manager!) LOL

The trouble is there are as many tax codes as there are countries - more or less

Oh I know that, but just as with the general tax codes used for sales/purchases, it can be programmed in, or be an extra module. It could be user editable/create-able/update-able.

And I’m not saying it would be easy.

But lubos has already done amazing work that would have been otherwise deemed “too difficult” if someone else were making it today.

I’m just looking towards where this product could go in the future