Payslips after recent update

I’m unable to add Earnings, Deductions and Employer contribution after recent update. I pay my employees by customer name and invoice number. I’m unable to add this like i did last week

We have itemized all payslip items since it was required for upcoming payroll reports. You can add new payroll items under Settings tab, then Payslip items.

Are you saying that instead of a few standard earnings categories such as “Salary”, “Bonus”, “Overtime”, “Commissions”… you want on payslip more detailed break-down, like commission amount per each invoice? If that’s the case, I’ll add “Description” field. So you would select item “Commissions” and then in description you could write what the commission is for just like before. Is this what you have in mind?

Yes That is fine I have a report now that is acceptable.