No description for Payslips in expense accounts

If I pay salary and business mileage in the Payslips module, even though I put in a description in each field, I see a blank description field when viewing in Salary and Business Mileage Expenses.

PS, how do you add this to the bugs forum?

Only moderators can do that. I did.

Ok, thats brilliant. I did not know that. As long as Lubos can find the post to fix the bug thats all that matters.

I don’t consider this to be a bug. The purpose of description fields on payslip is to communicate those line items in more detail to employee. I’m not yet sure whether those descriptions should be in general ledger or whether something else should be there.

There is an ongoing complaint about how descriptions don’t flow into general ledger from other modules as users would expect. So this is not payslip specific issue.

I can see your point. I am happy to wait until you have decided how you want that to flow as its not causing a problem - I just thought that I would raise the issue - I hadn’t realised that you were already aware of it. However, I cannot really see that it would be a problem to have the same description in the payslip carry across to the ledger - but I appreciate that my use of the payslip is in a very small capacity so it may cause issues for others.

No worries, not a big problem.

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@lubos May I suggest a Main description for the Payslips to be under or above the employee name and this description should be avilablle in the ledger (expense, employee…)

in the reaccuring payslip there should be a standard or fixed description such as Weekly or Monthly Payroll or it could be fixed based on the reaccuring date which will be indated like September 2017 Payroll or September 2017, Week 1 Payroll

for manual payslip the user could write the reuired description as he want.

No Description for Payslips in Expenses account

May I know if there’s any update since last discussion on this matter? Think should have at eg:

Payment for the month of :

or “Payment for the week of” or “Payment for the fortnight of” or "Payment for the 4 weeks of " or ….

How on earth is Manager supposed to guess what the payment period is?

You can add a Custom note to display this information

The latest version (18.7.18) is adding optional description field to payslips to make it consistent with other transaction types.

It doesn’t probably solve the original issue but at least description column doesn’t have to be always empty when viewing general ledger transactions for payslip-related accounts.