Payroll capability

Is adding/improving payroll capabilities anywhere on the roadmap?

Adding a payslip one employee at a time is complex and error prone.

Processing a payroll all at once would be convenient…

Have you set up recurrent payslips as described in Set up and manage recurring payslips and

Payslip approach is good for small business, but long term is still time consuming, being able to process and prepare the entire payroll at once (spreadsheet like or payroll system like) would be easier and more productive and possibly help avoid mistakes…

Sounds like a job for Payroll software rather than an accounting package, just saying


Even though Payroll capability isn’t as we wish it can be, you can still batch create payslips all at once.

To be clear, you can create them in Manager using Batch Create, but you cannot issue or print them in bulk. That must still be done individually.