Daily line entry payroll

Hi folks, I’m in the process of setting up Manager for a small company (15-20) people. The trouble I’m running into is the payroll entry.

This company is a trucking\delivery type of operation,so every day a driver will\could be on a different assignment. Is there a way to allow you to do a weekly payroll??

All I’ve seen is equal to a daily payroll, and that’s not what the boss wants. Hopefully I’m just missing something, any and all help is appreciated.

No company is issuing payslips every day. It’s mostly weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

So if you want to do weekly payroll, simply create once a week payslips for all employees. Payslip usually covers a period of time, not just one day.

I guess I didn’t explain my problem right. How are you going to record the daily hours, with out having to create an excel spread sheet or something similar?

Because not only will that payroll information generate payments for the employees it’s part of the billing process for the customer. And the employees isn’t paid the same rate the customer is charged.

That would generate an unbalanced report until you do your weekly payroll.

Does that explain my question better?

Manager currently doesn’t support timesheets for the purpose of generating payslips. It’s something that will be added next year.

Lubos, thank you sir. For both understanding, and putting that on you project list.

I’ll keep watching for an update. Thanks again.

Has there been any progress on this yet?

Sorry, not yet. This might take still a few months to be released. Lots of other features in the pipeline.

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Any news?

Interested too!