Payslips Improvement

I have set up a couple of recurring Payslips on fortnightly interval. The following adjustments would be nice to have if not too distracting from more important tasks.

  1. The ability to trigger a recurring payslip out of cycle. I.e. if I want to process a payslip a week earlier I have to edit the recurring payslip and change the next issue date. A button on the payslips page to ‘Process Payslips Now’, would be convenient.

  2. When the process date comes around and the Payslips screen presents the new payslips to be processed, sometimes, I only want to process one of the payslips. At the moment I have to process both payslips and then delete the one I do not want. It would be nice if I could select the payslips I wish to process, and the unselected payslips would be skipped in this cycle.

Like I said, low priority and completely subjective, but would be nice to have. Cheers.

  1. You can always clone existing payslip, then edit recurring payslip so the next one is skipped.
  2. Yeah, the bulk creation doesn’t allow to pick which payslips to create. This is the same issue with recurring invoices. In future, it will be possible to use checkbox to select which ones to create.
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Good tip. Thanks.:+1:

I can confidently say that Manager has really improved and helped my business accounting a lot easier. I appreciate you guys for this great software.

@lubos, is it possible in the next update to improve the employee details such that a user can add employee photo, and other details to make it robust than it currently is, that way, manager can be all I need instead of looking for another alternative to manage employees

You can use Custom Fields under Settings tab to add extra fields to employee form.


Dera Lubos,
Have already setup Custom Field for Photo.
But how can you put photo in the filed, to Upload or Copy & Paste.
Have tried copy & paste command, but not working.
Please help.

Read the Guide about adding images.