Paypal Button

Is it possible to add a paypal button to invoices so clients can instantly click the button to pay through paypal?

you may try adding the code to the Notes section of Invoices and see if that works, else need to modify a theme and see if that works.

Yes I’ll try that. Just trying to work out how I could do recurring invoices with a paypal button. This may work as it only needs to link to the Paypal Payment Login/Created Account/Pay by Credit/Debit Card page for my account.

I will try this.

Something totally different then. Is it possible to set up recurring invoices so that they get created automatically and send out automatically without having to click to create recurring invoices and then send.

No. Manager takes no external actions autonomously.

Ok thank you. Will this be a future function?

I don’t think so. However in future, you will be able to email invoices in bulk rather than emailing one by one. What it means is that generating all recurring invoices and emailing them to all customers will take a few seconds.

I think this is the best approach. It will be easy and quick while still keeping you in control to do “sanity checks” before sending anything out.

That does sound a good approach actually, not what I’d considered. So will look forward to seeing that as it would make life so much easier with recurring invoices.