How to add Paypal button to invoice?

Is this possible? By pasting the HTML code perhaps somewhere? Thanks.

The idea is customer receives the invoice as PDF, click on the button which is a link that takes them to PayPal to make payment.

You have to use a custom field plus, if you want something more refined, a custom template

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I have added the custom field and pasted the code into it. When I view the invoice on Manager, it shows the PayPal button.

But when I save the customer invoice as PDF, the button doesn’t show, but the following words show: Unsupported file format

Any suggestions perhaps?


Manager does not allow active buttons or hyperlinks as custom field types. So while the image may show on screen (because Manager is a browser), such a link is not active.

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Ahhh thanks! Would have been awesome if the links were active!

You should be able to put a link into an email used to send the invoice.

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Thanks. Yes, it works by inserting a link in the email.