Payment View Bug

I’m running 21.2.4 - just installed it this morning. It appears that when you make a Payment and then clone it, the Payment-View from the previous Payment stays up and is available at the top. If you enter a number of items this way, eventually the page crashes you out of the program entirely.
Since this ‘View’ option was never there before, I don’t know if keeping all of them available is on purpose or if it’s a bug.
Here you can see the listings at the top of the page:

What you are referring to are the breadcrumbs that show how you navigated to the page you are currently viewing. Your example shows that you have cloned a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone.

Well, it is not a “View” option, it is the breadcrumbs. And yes, it was there before. Breadcrumbs were added years ago, in May 2018.

The limit on how many sequential clones you can create is 9. When you try to create the 10th, you do indeed “crash out.” The result is a blank white screen, although the program does not actually quit. But there is no recovery.

I do not know if there is a technical limitation responsible for this behavior, so I will not yet put it into the bugs category. However, there is an easy way around the problem. Click on the breadcrumb for the initial transaction and go back and clone it. That resets the breadcrumbs.

This would definitely be a bug. There should be no technical limitation that would cause this kind of behaviour. Memory, Cpu etc would be negligible usage - would barely register!

I suspect it’s some kind of programming error maybe to do with double digits if it fails on 10!

Does this only occur on Windows (I am assuming the OP is using Windows based on position of max, min and close buttons). Can you reproduce this on a Mac?

Could you put this into the bugs category. I am not a programming expert, but I know enough about programming to know that this should not be happening. I suspect that there is an unintended limit set somewhere - not intentional though.

I’ve also used the clone option a lot in the past and never noticed the crumbs and never had a crash. I know I’ve done more than 10 at once before - we have a conference we go to each year and I enter a whole lot of little food, taxi, miscellaneous items when we get back. I’ve done it for other trade shows we go to as well. Never had this happen before.

I am using the Window Desktop version on the current 2004 Windows 10.

I reproduced it on a Mac.

@lubos is this a bug or a coding limitation introduced as result of breadcrumbs? I am guessing that this is an unintended limit set in the coding somewhere. I can’t see any reason for a technical limit, so I am assuming it is unintentional.

Perhaps a bread crub showing a clone should not go back to all prior clones (that is a “back” function) but instead go to the higher level screen type.

The latest version (21.2.8) is fixing breadcrumbs so they do not end up chaining when cloning transactions.

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