Receipts and Payments clone bug

When cloning Receipts and Payments the Reference number of the base document is brought into the clone, which results in duplicate reference numbers.

I am using latest version 19.2.62

As described, this is not necessarily a bug. Manager will allow you to duplicate references, and cloning does so. However, what I believe is a bug is that the cloning process is ignoring Form Defaults if automatic references are set up there.

A cloned transaction is not immediately created and added to the database. The Create button must be clicked first. At that point, it seems Form Defaults should come into play. Otherwise, the entire purpose of automatic reference numbers is lost, and you end up with duplicate reference numbers, as pointed out by @AJD.

I had not noticed this behavior until recently, despite having set automatic references for all my transactions in Form Defaults. Just within the last week or so, I am having to manually intervene and edit reference numbers to restore automatic sequencing. So I wonder if this is a regression bug.

In fact, when other types of automatically numbered transactions, such as journal entries, are entered, the Automatic checkbox shows on the cloned entry screen. For Receipts & Payments, the pre-existing reference number shows on the cloned transaction and the checkbox is not ticked.

Thanks @Tut for expanding on my explanation. You are correct that the Reference number of the base Receipt or Payment document is being brought through whether Form default for automatic referencing is set or not. Either way it is inconsistent with how other cloned documents with reference numbers operate, so I consider it a bug on this basis.

In the latest version (19.2.95), clicking on Clone button won’t copy reference number.

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@lubos, the fix prevents duplication of numbers. But it does not address overriding of automatic reference numbers set under Form Defaults. This seems to me to be the one case where an exact clone cannot be justified, as it negates the entire purpose of automatic sequencing.

Retaining automatic reference numbering would also be consistent with the idea that the parent transaction most likely was automatically numbered.

Alright. Since cloning already clears Reference field, then I think it makes sense to populate default option from Form Defaults. The latest version (19.5.1) makes it work that way across all the forms which have automatic reference number option.

Thanks, just what we needed. Works great.