Unable to upgrade: receipts and Payments view issue

I test new versions on a separate machine to be safe before applying. Been watching the recent updates re: split of receipts and payments.

In my test ‘instance’ of manager, I get the following error whenever I try to open ‘View’ for a receipt or payment. This occurs whether opening an existing receipt or payment or upon creating a new one. I am therefore unable to update my production machine to current version.

Internal Error
Manager 21.4.75
DotLiquid.Exceptions.SyntaxException: if tag was never closed
at DotLiquid.Block.AssertMissingDelimitation()
at DotLiquid.Block.Parse(List1 tokens) at DotLiquid.Tags.If.Initialize(String tagName, String markup, List1 tokens)
at DotLiquid.Block.Parse(List1 tokens) at DotLiquid.Document.Initialize(String tagName, String markup, List1 tokens)
at DotLiquid.Template.ParseInternal(String source)
at DotLiquid.Template.Parse(String source)
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.View`1.InnerGet2() in C:\projects\manager\ManagerServer\HttpHandlers\Businesses\Business\View.cs:line 354
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.BusinessTemplate.InnerGet() in C:\projects\manager\ManagerServer\HttpHandlers\Businesses\Business\BusinessTemplate.cs:line 480
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Template.Get() in C:\projects\manager\ManagerServer\HttpHandlers\Template.cs:line 483
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.HttpHandler.ProcessRequest() in C:\projects\manager\ManagerServer\HttpHandlers\HttpHandler.cs:line 100
at ManagerServer.Startup.<>c.<b__1_1>d.MoveNext() in C:\projects\manager\ManagerServer\Startup.cs:line 108
— End of stack trace from previous location —
at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics.ExceptionHandlerMiddleware.g__Awaited|6_0(ExceptionHandlerMiddleware middleware, HttpContext context, Task task)

Microsoft Windows version? 32- or 64-bit?
Is Microsoft Webview Runtime installed?
Manager version number? Sorry, see that this is 21.4.75

It might be a problem with the install - have you tried re-installing?

or a data problem in the business file - if you create a new test business, do you get the same error?
If not, this could point to a problem with your business file

64bit both machines.
Yes - on both machines. I am not that far behind:
Working version on my Production Machine: 21.3.82
Error Version on on Test Machine: 21.4.75

Can’t follow why it would be a business file problem. Since (i) back-up daily and (ii) works perfectly in 21.3.82.

I have 21.4.75 installed on Windows 64-bit and I do not get the problem so I don’t think the problem arises from the Manager code.
So that leaves your installation of Manager may not have executed correctly or your data is causing the problem.

I am trying to eliminate one or both of these causes or at least narrow the problem down to one of them

On the basis of @lubos’s earlier statements that internal errors always reveal bugs, I am placing this topic into the bugs category.

Based on my limited understanding of the diagnostic information, however, it looks like an issue with the Liquid code for the theme displaying the transactions. Do you have a custom theme for receipts and payments? If so, is it set as the default? If it is, try changing to Plain before viewing and see if that makes a difference.

Yeah - I do, all it does is flip the title for Payments to remittance advice. I had thought about that and tried two things (i) I updated an existing payment and unchecked custom theme (back to plain) - still got the error when trying to view, (ii) I went to form defaults and removed custom theme default (on both the receipts and payment defaults) then tried a new/fresh receipt and new/fresh payment. Still get the error. View still works fine on other transaction types - invoices etc.

Hmmm. I can’t duplicate this in macOS and @Joe91 can’t duplicate in Windows. Well, it’s been reported.

Can you show the edit screen for the transaction - black out any private info, if necessary.

There is now an option to use a custom title on both transactions, so a custom theme is no longer necessary to do this

Yes, I understand that once upgraded I’ll be able to use the custom titles.

FWIW - On my test machine I had another tiny test business file that never had a custom theme. Receipts and Payments open fine in that business, so definitely relates to custom theme and upgrade.

But you said that when you removed the custom theme, it still gave an error, No?

Also, what if you not only deselect the custom theme from the transaction you are trying to open, but also make the theme itself inactive? (That might be tough if you’ve been using it a lot. But you could experiment with installing that custom theme in a test business and see if just having it—or having it active—generates the error.)

I’d still like to see the edit screen of the payment transaction, in case there are some spurious characters that are perturbing the execution of the Liquid theme

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“But you said that when you removed the custom theme, it still gave an error, No?”

Correct. Still errors.

What is Correct?

This looks like an error in your email template. Not custom theme.

Basically your email template for receipt or payment has invalid Liquid markup. This would have nothing to do with upgrading to the latest version.

The latest version (21.4.76) is making this more obvious.

@lubos, is this something incorporated into the Email Template setup, or just a better error message, or what? Is it something that can be simulated for illustration purposes?

Better error message. If there is syntax error, then the reason will simply show when clicking Email button rather than crashing the whole view screen.


Interesting. Couple of observations.

  • My email template does have similar logic to my custom theme that changes the wording for receipt vs. payment but as far as I can tell (saved copies seemed ok) it had actually been sending OK in the past. Based on your comment though I did review and found a typo which I corrected and indeed I can now open the ‘view’ form for the receipts and payments - so thank you, I can call it resolved;

  • The interesting thing remains (but no longer matters really) is that i got nowhere near the email button for this to occur only the view button. So the email templates apparently impact the view functionality not just email.

Anyway, thank you Lubos, Tut and Joe. Issue was indeed in the email template despite the fact that it manifested itself immediately from the view button in the new version.

Anyway, thank you. Resolved.