Idea: Branched Linked Navigation on top of every screen/window/layout

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I was wondering if we could have a ‘Always on Top’ kind of branched navigation. Forgive me for not using the correct terminology. What i am talking about is:

Branch View Idea

On certain screens/layouts/form this branched navigation is not available. It would be great if this branched navigation becomes ‘always on top’ for every form/layout/window. Whenever the user clicks ‘summary view’ or any button from the side bar this navigation branch resets or disappears.

Example Problem Scenario:

I search something in the ‘Receipts and Payments’

I view a transaction, the navigation branch is there.


When i clone the transaction the navigation branch disappears.


now after cloning when i have created a new transaction and i wish to proceed back to ‘Receipts and Payments’ with the searched criteria, i can’t go back, as there is no branched navigation available.


So i have to click the side bar button ‘Receipts and Payments’ again to proceed. I have to input my search query again and so on. This also happens a lot during payslips payments.
I hope this explains what i am trying to say and hope it helps. Good day. Thanks.

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What you ask is not practical. Manager functions as a browser. What you have called “branched navigation” are referred to as “breadcrumbs.” Breadcrumbs show the path taken from a starting point to reach the page you are currently viewing. But just like when browsing the internet with a more traditional browser, some actions reset the process, making it impractical to go back. This is just like entering a new URL when browsing the internet: the Back button will not take you back further than your entry of the URL. The reason is that there can be more than one backwards path, and the program cannot know which you want.

Cloning is like entering a new URL and causes such a reset, so breadcrumbs do not make sense.

Manager actually has more capability in this respect than ordinary browsers. If you repeatedly click the Back button at the top of the Manager window, you can navigate backwards all the way to the opening Businesses page through every screen you have seen previously. This is possible even when there is no logical connection between screens, in other words, even when there is not a “path” in the traditional sense.

Yes dear i have tried that back button before. The idea is to minimize clicks here. How about if these breadcrumbs are linked to each button in side bar. Which means, these bread crumbs start from that specific button. Please ask @lubos to have a look at it and post it to ideas if anyone else wants to vote for it. Thanks.

That is already what happens until you disrupt the process with a clone.

Have you gone through my example problem scenario? i think there is some miscommunication.

Yes, I went through your example. I have done my best to explain why your suggestion is not practical.