Receipts/payments copied to same transaction type are blank

i just updated the software to the latest version (21.6.0).
i checked ‘copy to’ button, it works fine and great.!
but a little is there, i am in payment section, in ‘copy to’ button, there is option for ‘receipt’ that was needed, but another option is ‘payment’ (payment copy to payment) that is i think unnecessary in the presence of ‘clone’ button. and also if i click on ‘copy to → payment’ button, it works same like ‘new payment’ option, mean it doesn’t clone/copy current transaction, it just opens new payment.
sorry for my weak English.

converting from one head to other seems better, cos you can forget to delete the entry and it will appear on two places. with convert button, a pop up message should appear to warn the user about the action. once confirmed it should be converted to payment to a receipt or vice versa.

I can confirm that it just creates a new payment with all fields empty rather than containing the same information as the one copied from, except for the date to be today’s date. I hope @lubos can look into this as I thought the copy to new would contain the same info as a clone except for different dates where new would have today’s date.

I moved these posts to a new topic for better visibility and placed it into the bugs category.


Fixed in the latest version (21.6.1)