Bug Cloning Paid Invoices

Version 21.2.51
When cloning a previously paid in full invoice the cloned invoice comes up as paid in full with the same information as the cloned invoice and reallocates previous receipts from the customer.

Original Invoice


I don’t think this is what’s happening.

You can see it’s different receipt on both invoices. Customer account is overpaid which means the credit is automatically applied to new invoices.

No, all invoices were paid in full, it has changed allocation of funds received just by cloning the paid invoice. Nothing else was done apart from changing the date on the cloned invoice.
All invoices with arrows are for the same customer.

Before cloning

After cloning

Well, it’s not a bug. If you use automatic allocation and enter historical invoice. Manager will unmatch subsequent invoices which were automatically allocated, match the historical invoice and then re-match subsequent invoices.

This way it doesn’t matter in which order invoices are entered, once they are entered (in whatever order) the figures will always be the same. That applies to all transactions in Manager.


All I do is clone the old invoice with today’s date. This should not affect all the previous fully paid invoices surely? I don’t do anything else, just clone the invoice, redate it and save
.It is not an historical invoice I am entering, it is a new invoice using the clone option, look at the invoice numbers and dates.

I think that this is a case that happen one in a lifetime. @VACUUMDOG 's one is why a user choose to use the Clone functionality. And cloning also the payment imputation is a great source of potential errors.

That’s correct.

OK, I see it now. I can’t explain it from the screenshots. Definitely would be interested to see how this could be possible.

@lubos any other info you need?

Ok, I tried it on some other invoices and it works fine. It appears to only happen if I clone a paid invoice who’s payment was allocated to multiple invoices.
If I just create a new invoice from scratch it works ok.