Payment to suppliers and how to select which invoices


When i am paying to creditors/ credit cards… i am unable to selecta invoice… the option of invoice number is available, however if along with that if invoice amount and date can appear it will be much user friendaly… is it possible ??

thanking you


This is not available currently. But you can select spend money while viewing the supplier’s invoice, which makes what you describe unnecessary.


Does this mean that it will be implemented some day?


I have no idea. I am a forum moderator, not the developer.


I have asked for this option a couple of times. It also applies to customer payments but somehow it seems that the developer doesn’t give this any priority which is a pity. It would improve the speed of data-entry drastically.
Let’s wait and see when this request will be honored.

When you have imported banktransactions and you want to allocate a payment to an invoice, your work-around doesn’t work in my opinion.


If there is anything we wish to be implemented, what is the right way to suggest that?
I wanted to post as “Idea”, but was not given that option, posting all over forum makes no sense.


only the forum moderators and developer can categorize topics.
if a topic is convincing enough to have a global benefit rather than individual benefit, it would be categorized under ideas and may or may not be implemented in future updates.


@Hennie, I am aware of the fact that my suggestion is only useful sometimes.

As for putting this in the Ideas category, that would have no effect. The developer has previously discussed this, so he is aware of the request. The Ideas category is already so overcrowded that new additions receive little attention.


Then capitalize on that - give the chance for users to pay for implementation of their ideas and implement those first, which will be paid the most over certain period of time :slight_smile: more money, less ideas and everyone is happy :wink:


In the past on the website, there was a kind of roadmap for the software. At that time we had at least a kind of an idea what the plans and ideas were and when we could expect it to be implemented. Nowadays, we don’t have any clou of what we can expect. You know I’m a great fan of Manager, and the software is awesome, but I think you have to take the users seriously and you have to communicate with them. No communication is killing in the end and that would be very pity. I use the free desktop version, so I have no rights to complain but I worked in the software-industry for a very long time and I know by experience that user-satisfaction is key to success.


By the way, I am ok to pay (but not to overpay like with QuickBooks) for the features I need (that QB has removed).


@hennie, I have no control over program development or whether plans are shared in advance.


I thought that you as a moderator might have an idea why the “road map” has disappeared, but apparently you don’t have.