Supplier information in payments transactions

Hello I am new to this software.

I would like to be able to select a supplier from a list when post a payment. I understand if I use purchase invoices I would be able to do this, but all my transactions are cash or instant payments. so to me using invoices sounds like and extra step for me.

The reason is I want to create a report of each supplier and see a list of each payment I made to them for the last fiscal year.

I would basically want the same for my clients when making a receipt.


It is, and unnecessary if you are not buying on credit from suppliers or selling on credit to customers. But suppliers and customers are subsidiary ledgers under Accounts payable and Accounts receivable. There is no connection to the payee on a payment or the payer on a receipt. This is already in the ideas category: Improvement to payment and receipt forms.

Until and unless that improvement is made, you can search the Receipts & Payments tab for a name, then export the result to a spreadsheet. As you gain experience with the program, you may decide that the extra step of the invoice, whether purchasing or selling, is worth it because of all the reports that are opened up when using defined customers and suppliers. There are also many useful reports for sales invoices.

Honestly, the design mentality of the program is that if you are doing business with someone on a cash basis (non-credit), you probably won’t need to be tracking your history with them.

Thanks for the reply, That post is over 2 years old, wonder were the developers are?

I am coming from Quickbooks, but I want to switch to linux in the near future so I needed to find something else.

This looks like a good program except it is lacking in some features. Another thing that needs a work on is the reports section. I think a lot of improvement could be made there.

I looks like they are doing improvements according to the release page on there website.

My only reason for keeping track of payments and sales is for taxes. I need to report the amount i paid to each supplier and the amount i got paid/received from each client in a given fiscal year.


More reports become available as you enable more tabs. One of the program’s design philosophies is that everyone’s desires can never be anticipated. That’s why there is the export feature and custom reports. Sometimes, you have to make your own to get what you want. The program provides the classics.

Have you tried Reports > Custom Reports - where you could design reports for your particular needs.

Yes I have, and I think i can get it to work if I have all my ducks in a row. :slightly_smiling_face: I was filtering by the contact and by the description of the payment (were i put the invoice number of the supplier)from the general ledger transactions, so I get one line for each payment, but I found out that if one of the lines in the payment (I itemized the payments) did not have its own description then it would use the description of the payment. so I have to make sure that each line in each payment has its own description or I will get two or more lines from the same payment. This also goes for receipts.

I believe the two transactions you see are the balancing debit and credit. Be sure you filter for one or the other.

Thanks, yep that did it. I filtered for credit to be above zero. Now I get a list of all the payments I made to one supplier.

But I have a question why is it credit and not debit? To me a payment would be a debit from my account. I am not an accountant, so a lot of this stuff doesn’t make all that much sense. I just try to get it to work for me

Read the Guide about designing a chart of accounts. There is an explanation of debits and credits.