Invoices to choose invoices paid by customers or paid to suppliers


I have customers and/or suppliers that pay me multiple invoices at one time, sometimes as many as 10. I am wondering if it would be possible for the new receipts or payments button to allow choice of customers or suppliers and then go to a next screen and then check the invoices paid. It is so tedious to have to reenter every invoice on the receipts/payments screen.

in this case you can create receipts/payments from the customer/supplier statements.
this guide explains the same

@Tut and @ Lubos
I apologize upfront in case you think I am very direct or rude but let me explain this.
The process of reconciling payments and receipts against outstanding invoices is, let me put it polite, not sophisticated, state of the art or whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it is a very frustrating, inefficient and time-consuming affair. All invoices are shown. Why??? Why not only the invoices that have an outstanding balance and their balance due. The guide sharpdrivetek is referring to works maybe fine when you enter a new payment or receipt. But when you have imported a long list with banktransactions it doesn’t work that way. You’re not going to enter a new payment when you have already imported that banktransaction. In the Netherlands more than 95% of all money transactions are banktransactions. So we import the banktransactions instead of entering them manually There is hardly any cash anymore in our country. Many Dutch-users are complaining about the very restricted possibilities to reconcile payments and receipts. Last week I received a personal message from a user complaining about the same. I know I already asked in various threads to improve this. And I will keep asking for improvement. I sincerely hope and expect that the developer will pay attention to this and that he will take away my continuing frustration about this.

@Hennie, you are never rude, always a positive contributor.


Thank you. It’s a workaround but still better than nothing.