Free selection of invoices to create receipts/payments

Currently we have the following options to create receipts/payments:

  1. Copy a single invoice to Receipt/Payment
  2. Copy the entire statement to Receipt/Payment
  3. Manually type in Receipt/Payment detail


  1. Entirely forgo manual allocation in favor of auto-allocation.

The reason an additional method is proposed is that although the automatic allocation (option 4) works well in many situations, in some situations where specific allocation is required and there’s a large number of invoices involved, there is difficulty in applying options 2 and 3. Option 2 is laborious in any case, while Option 3 is laborious when the unpaid invoices are many.

I was thinking if the user was allowed to freely select the invoices to be paid and then click a button which will copy the selection to a new Receipt/Payment.

The proposed placement of this button is in:

  • Customers > Sales Invoices screen
  • Suppliers > Purchase Invoices screen

The following image illustratesof the proposed workflow:

The green box is for the selection boxes.


I quiet like the format used for bank import and journal entries where a total is entered / fixed and the difference between calculated and entered total shown.

Having a panel showing unpaid invoices and allowing selection / checking multiple could work well with that.

In the current payment entry, maybe instead of showing a drop down list for invoice selection, instead show a panel of unpaid invoices for that customer enabling selection of multiple invoices and resulting in entry of multiple lines (invoice number and unpaid amount).

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