Payment terms

I have to change the payment terms on invoices. I cannot find the settings I used years ago when I started using manager. Is there something I am missing?

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Do you mean Due Date, or some additional text (I.e. EFT Details etc)?

Either way, create a new Sales Invoice.

  1. Change the Due Date at the top and select (set default) if you want that to be the default date for all invoices.
  2. Edit the Notes section at the bottom of the invoice and again, select (set default) if you want that to appear on all invoices.

These are global settings and will affect all future invoices, but of course you can change these when required for individual customers. I don’t think there is an option to set this on an individual Customer basis.

I just need to add some extra text below the current terms and payment section.
10% discount for early payment kind of thing.

Thanks for the help. I have it sorted out now.

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