Payment terms

On invoices that I send out the usual 30 days from date of invoice that I have as my normal terms and payment advice on the system is great, except for one customer from who I need to be paid immediately. I don’t seem to be able to find a way of giving different terms to different customers without editing the whole thing on the terms and payment advice. Have I missed something?

You might need to edit the sales invoice template under Settings, print invoice for this particular customer, then edit it back.

In future, there will be support for multiple invoice templates so you will be able to apply different invoice templates for different scenarios.

Thanks Lubos.
That is what I have done. I did have multiple choices on the last accounting system I used.
I will just carry on until you make the changes.

Could a change perhaps be made to the Customers section such that individual customers can be assigned a default terms of payment?

I think this should be handled by sales invoice templates. It will be possible to select default template per customer in future.