Adding bank account details to an invoice

I’m new to manager and am setting up all the details to customise my invoice to send to my customers.

Can you please let me know how to add payments information like Bank details, chi payable to, onto the invoice?

Here are the basics:

  1. In the left navigation pane, click on Settings.
  2. When the window appears, look to see if Sales Invoice Template icon shows. If not, click at the top on Customize. Otherwise, jump to #4 below.
  3. Check box for Sales Invoice Template. Click Update at the bottom.
  4. Back in the Settings window, select Sales Invoice Template.
  5. Enter any prefix you want in front of the invoice sequence number.
  6. Enter your terms. This information will display until the invoice is fully paid.
  7. Click Update.
  8. Your trading name, contact details, tax number, etc. are entered by clicking on the Business Details icon on the Settings page. This information prints at the top of the invoice.
  9. When you create a sales invoice, there is a Notes field at the bottom. Information in this field appears on the invoice regardless of payment status. If you want something to print by default on all invoices, click on the blue “set default” link, and Manager will autofill that information on future invoices. (It can always be edited, deleted, or overwritten.)

That should handle most things. If you have more specific questions, put them on this forum.

I’ve been trying to load the bank details and have been trying to follow your instructions but I cant even find the sales template. if you can maybe show some screen grabs. if possible thank you.

I’m trying to simplify user interface a bit and sales invoice template option under Settings is not available for new businesses. The reason is that everything what this module does is available elsewhere as well so it was seen as unnecessary duplication of functionality.

For example, you can add bank details on invoice into Notes field. You can even set default invoice notes so your payment details will appear on every new invoice automatically. Does it satisfy your needs?

Yes true makes sense, I’m using that function but what it is doing is when type it in the set default tab the spacing is fine and soon as I create invoice and preview or print its all squashed together again.
for instance

Bank: …
account: …
branch: …

where as I would like it to be

Bank: …
Branch: …
Account: …

If that makes sense,

if that’s the way the program is written then no worries.

this is general is a powerful tool,

okay I see even after I submit the lines does back to colons, not sure if I’m making sense.

HTML collapses white spaces by default. Use   instead of space characters.

For example:

Bank:              Name

Should be entered as:

Bank:          Name

If you don’t want space characters to be collapsed.

It works perfect, Thanks I will definitely be recommending this program.

I am new to Manager. I can insert the bank details on Manager 16.1.0 but it appears below the “terms and conditions” of the invoice. I want to insert it to the right of the “terms and condition”

How do I go about doing that?

It sounds like you put the banking details into Notes field. You cannot control where this appears in the horizontal dimension. However, you can add it under Settings >> Business Details and it will appear in the upper right area under your contact information.

Your other alternative is to build yourself a custom view template.

Thank you Tut. I will try and build a custom template

Since there’s no Sales Invoice Template anymore, is there a way to set a common note across all templates? My previous template just disappeared.

If you add your text to the Notes field when entering the invoice details, you will see next to the field title Notes (set default).

Click on set default and it will appear on all future invoices.

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I’ve done this and it works great.