Invoice Payment Details have disappeared with update

Thanks for the software - love it.

But… I have just updated to the current Manager software, and the payment details and the words “Tax Invoice” for my invoice have disappeared. I read a recent topic on this, but could not follow the instructions as the correct items don’t appear to be showing in Settings for me to select.

ie Invoice is selected as an option in Customise, but Settings doesn’t show it.

I can see that there would be the option to Customise the actual invoice template in code, would rather not play around with the code if I can just enter the details in Notes or something.

If I understand that other post - you now put the Payment details (assuming you mean bank details) in the Notes panel. As for Tax Invoice, have you select under Setting - Tax Codes the in-built tax code for your country.

Customize is for adding functional tabs in the left navigation pane. That’s where you enable sales invoices, for example. Settings options become available depending on which tabs are enabled.

Customize does not refer to customizing the invoice. That happens in Settings under Themes.

You can enter payment details in Notes field of any invoice. Click the blue link to set default Notes text. Default text will then appear on future invoices, but not past ones, since it wasn’t there when you sent out those invoices.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Thank you so much for your help!