Default payment terms per customer

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Any update on this feature?

Any update on the payment terms option. We need it for Invoice and PO as in this region, we have predefined payment terms with vendors and need to mention it when we place a PO with them. Its very difficult to keep track of the terms for each and every supplier and customer. would be great to have this feature.

Any eta on this? Thanks.

No change.

Any update on this request? Seems like some important features are not being implemented like user rights management, cheque printing, T&C per customer and supplier as default, etc. Playing around with templates is not going to help companies older than 2 years. With business growth, it becomes difficult to manage these micro entries every now and then and delegating these to users will again lead to micromanagement as we have to recheck for any mistakes that might be there due to manually intervention from the users.

Keep in mind that what is important is relative to each user. For example, I personally have very little interest in most of those changes you listed. I understand that they are important to you.

Future changes to Manager are likely based on a few things:

  • How many people are requesting it
  • Whether there are any viable workarounds
  • How straightforward it is for the developer to implement
  • The existence of other changes that might be higher priority
  • Whether the developer has actually seen or acknowledged the request
  • Whether it is technically possible
  • Whether it is consistent with how the rest of the application works

The above is by far not an exhaustive list, but there are a number of factors that could cause something to be delayed and/or not implemented at all.

For an accounting point of view, the requested features are basic features available with most of the other software. I would suggest that a poll be created to find out the features requested by existing customers and then implement it. Honestly, all the features implemented in the past 6 months are not relevant to me but that might not be the case for other who might find it very useful. As a paid customer, I am expecting the software to mature from a single user to a multi-user platform as its now more than 2 years I have been using Manager. Feature implementations were more during the start of the year but now I hardly see any noticeable change in the system.

If you are a paid customer, whether of the server or cloud edition, multi-user capability has always existed.

Agree with Tut, I’m not sure how this works … as a paying customer myself (now that I use Server Edition) … I appreciate that we have multi-user capabilities already.

If you need assistance with this, I’d encourage you to check this guide under “Create a restricted user”.

I can’t comment specifically on this … but by browsing the forums often, I’ve noticed hints here and there that a few bigger features are coming / in the works.

As a software developer myself (not for Manager), I can assure you that sometimes these things take time (i.e. months) to completely polish & test thoroughly.

Multi-user exists but my issue is the data is open to all users. If I assign a user access only to sales quote, he can see all the quotes made till now and the same applies to all tabs. Just creating users and assigning a set of tabs does not mean multi-user. Plz let me know if I am missing any settings in the system to enable this feature if it exists already.

Default payment terms per customer is something that should be available sooner rather than later.

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Any update on this topic. I have clients that have, 7, 30 and 60 day terms. Cant see where to specify this in the customer card.


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You are responding to a topic more than 5 years old. You will notice it did not make it to the ideas category, because it is unnecessary. Although the developer originally said the feature was coming, it was rendered unnecessary by expansion of custom field capabilities to nearly everything in the program. You can create a custom field for your customers for terms. Set the field to show on printed documents. Enter your terms for a customer when you create the customer; they will be displayed on any form that includes the customer, such as sales quotes and sales invoices.

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Thank you, As a new user to Manager I am so used to setting terms etc in the card. I have to say I am liking the program, easy to use and a Corporate feel that I am used too.

Thank you for your advise have done as you suggested and it exactly what I was looking for.

One other question then can I run a report that will reflect these terms?

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The easiest way to do that is to set the custom field to show as a column. Then, you can copy the customer list to a spreadsheet and do whatever you want with it. See Copy lists and reports | Manager.

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Once again exactly what I wanted :slight_smile:

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