Payment terms days for each Customers

Dear Developer,

Please kindly add the payment terms field in Customers.
While creating Customers we can put payment terms 30, 60, or 90 days.

So, While generating an Invoice we need to select only the Invoice date, and Automatically system will calculate the Due Date.

No need to remember each customer’s payment terms days.



I don’t know why this feature is missing. This should be ideas, but it should be an open entry form rather than a drop-down of limited choices.


Yes this would be a good addtion to the program.

Maybe it would be best to copy the “Standard payment term” from Customers if you create an invoice, but make it so that it can be easily overwritten manually in case you indicentally want to use a different payment term for a sale. (maybe same technique as is currently used for reference number now)

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Probably because of the large range of payment terms users will validly employ.
A general solution would need to be a custom drop down list or enable some other form of parametrisation.

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Yes, we’ve requested this before. It would make things so much easier especially when you have different terms for different customer bases ie: domestic, commercial, COD. We will often have to check terms first before creating an invoice so it would be much faster to automate this and would also prevent errors in due date.

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I support the ability to set Payment Terms in Supplier and Customer set up (master records) to default at invoice level. However, this should be changeable at the invoice level. I’m adding this to Ideas.


I have voted for this idea before. Does voting option still exist?
Anyway, This is completely important for every one and needs to be implemented even if it would be improved latter to cover all requirements.

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No. With almost 200 suggestions in the ideas category, I think votes were essentially meaningless. So that feature was removed from the forum.

200 suggestions is a large number of ideas put forward for implementation. I hope that the problem always be the increasing demands and ambition of members not the developer’s ignoring the implementation of these ideas.

It is the developers goal to implement all the ideas.

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I would say the goal is to consider them all, not necessarily implement them. The point of the category is discussion, not to be a work plan.


I agree with you.

Any update on the same??

It is difficult when you Invoice the same customer daily, We need to select a due date for every Invoice, Sometimes we missed also.

If we have 100 Customers we need to keep remembering payment terms.

Please do something, all other software is giving the same feature.

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Added to the latest version (22.6.8)

There is now checkbox on customer form.


This information will be used to autocomplete due date days when selecting customer on sales invoice.


Thanks @lubos

Kindly, add “Default due date” to translation table.

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