PAYG payment summary (individual non-business) issue

I’m currently having trouble with Manager when running the PAYG payment summary - individual non-business report. When I create a new report for an employee, it shows exactly the same information and layout as the Employee Summary, but with the heading PAYG payment summary - individual non-business.

Yesterday this was not an issue (the PAYG payment summary - individual non-business report was working as it should with the correct layout).

I’m using version 19.6.67 of the software now.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Could you try download and import the report from here:

See if it fixes the issue.

Presto… works now.

Many thanks!

Hi I have just imported the Payg summary for group certificates I can create a new report but it will only let me put in name and dates then I hit create and it takes me back to New report I try hitting edit won’t let me do anything. Then hit view and I can see total tax withheld etc but I can’t click into it to actually write the amounts ???

@HeidiKruger84 can you show screenshot what you see when you click to View the report? You can hide the personal details on the report.

so I can get this part but creating is only letting me put date and name nothing else then when I click edit comes back to this again. Hit view I get next photo below but no arrows to enter anything.

Any ideas what it is doing

@HeidiKruger84, the report does not allow you to enter information. You can only define the date range. All the data is populated automatically by the program based on proper setup and completion of employees and transactions. You need to read

I don’t have anything that says that

I have tried and tried getting a bit sick of it actual and I still cant get payslips or payg summary to work half of the stuff it says to do I cant even see to click on it doesn’t exist on my end I have just updated the whole program again and still no luck.

Help please very frustrating I have payslips in the payslips part it has gross pay deductions net pay contribution. But still nothing comes up on payg summary or single touch payroll I have entered exact dates as what I wrote on payslips but nothing.

@HeidiKruger84 on the report, you need to select an employee. Also, you need to go Settings, then Payslip Items and make sure to allocate each payslip item you have to the correct ATO reporting category

I have done all that and that doesn’t seem to be making a difference. Im quite lost as to why its not working. Do I need to have my bank account uploaded as I don’t have that is that why its not working?? I also produced payslips before importing the
payg summary and single touch payroll would that be why its not working??

I have just started a new business for the financial year thought it easier to start from fresh.

Can u please talk me through how to set it up properly as I would like Payg summary and stp

This is what I used just last week.

Do i need to add anything else in customize?

I don’t use journal entries.

Not quite sure what you use purchase orders for. ???

Kind Regards


@HeidiKruger84 if you have an issue, you need to be more specific.

For example, go through this guide:

If you get stuck on any step, let us know.

Photographs of your screen are not helpful, @HeidiKruger84. The last is completely unreadable. Upload actual screen shots captured from your computer.

The existence of 453 expense claims is highly suspicious. It is very doubtful you could have this many claims when you have so few (almost no) other transactions. Have you read to learn what expense claims are supposed to be used for?

Your question about purchase orders suggests you are a novice when it comes to accounting. If that is true, you are unlikely to be able to use Manager until you understand what it is supposed to accomplish. The program is a tool. Like any tool, it is useless until you know what its job is. Many resources exist on the internet. May I suggest starting here:

Thank you Tut so very helpfull you are. Not everyone is a trained Accountant or know the software from inside out. That is why I asked the questions for help. If you don’t/can’t help why bother replying at all.

So Tut as you mentioned above yes I’m a novice to accounting that’s why I have an Accountant. I thought this was a place to ask questions and get help. Don’t know why people need to be so rude these days quite disgusting and sad.

@HeidiKruger84, no one on this forum has done anything but give their time to try to help you. But when you ask for help from long distance, you need to furnish information so people can tell what is going on. We don’t have access to your records.

When you give limited information, those trying to help are reduced to speculation. We could drag information from you bit by bit over a long string of messages before trying to diagnose your difficulty, or we can offer up some quick resources and let you know things that immediately look out of balance in the hope they will lead more quickly to a solution. I did the latter. I’m sorry if that offended you. This forum, however, is for questions about using the Manager program, not a good place to learn basic accounting principles and practices.