(Australian) Group Certificates and custom reports

I really THOUGHT manager did this, but looking through the reports today I think I may have just mistaken these reports that are there:

for what i thought they were but in fact are not.

I see the question has been asked before:

and I accept @Tut’s answer regarding the distinction between accounting software and tax software in the above question, but I also note that @lubos appears to have the intention of putting it in.

Notwithstanding, it’s not there now, so I was wondering:

  1. if anyone has created a custom report that does this? Having never played with custom reports are they parsed through the same template engine or are they a raw dump?

  2. Also, not having done our certificates yet (I’m waiting until the accountant and I can sit down together) and knowing what’s absolutely required, I’m guessing, but are the reports as screenshotted above all that’s needed to put the certificates together?

In regards to group certificates, (PAYG payment summary - individual non-business), we use the Payslip Summary as above and enter the period from 01/07/2016 to 30/06/2017 which will give you the individual and total gross payments of employees to be entered into the ‘GROSS PAYMENTS’ line of the form and Total deductions to be entered into the ‘TOTAL TAX WITHHELD’ field on the form. We also use the Payslip Summary to fill out the company’s PAYG payment summary statement. Check with your accountant though as your circumstances may be different from ours.

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See the following forum post by @Zark

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Thanks sparky, I have an appointment with her in just a couple of weeks, but I figured that’s what I’d do. I have been through those reports and used the financial year dates and they look like the right figures.

Thanks @tony as well, I hadn’t seen that post.

The latest version (19.5.37) adds PAYG payment summary - individual non-business report.

New businesses

If you are creating new business in Manager and set business location to Australia, you will automatically get this report and pre-defined payslip items. There is no setup.

Existing businesses

To make transition as an existing business on Manager, unfortunately quite a few steps are involved but you only need to do this once.

Go to Settings and click on Import button in top-right corner.

Select Australia and click Next button.

Select following 6 items from the dropdown.

After you click Import button, the report will be added to your Reports tab and a few custom fields will be created.

Before the report can get the right figures from your payslips, you will need to set ATO reporting category on all your payslip items.

So go to Settings, then Payslip items and set ATO reporting category on each of your existing payslip items.

For example, Salary payslip item would be Gross payments as ATO payment category.

Once you edit all your payslip items, go to edit employees under Employees tab and set their Tax file number. And in the end, go to Business Details under Settings tab and set your ABN number.

That’s all.

Now you can go to Reports tab and click on PAYG payment summary - individual non-business report.

Then create new report for employee to get this:


This is an error report.latest version 19.5.41

Go to Settings and click on Import button in top-right corner.

Select Australia and click Next button.

The Australian option first appears then on clicking [Next] it disappears. Clicking [Import] again produces the following error message…

Internal Error

19.5.41 (Desktop)


System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Settings.ImportSettings.Post() at ManagerServer.HttpApplication.ProcessRequest(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response)

How does the export function work? I see an XML but it goes nowhere… I cannot save it.

@Harry3, that should not happen, of course. But it is happening because you have not selected anything in the Import field before clicking the Import button. In other words, you are importing nothing. Select something and it works fine.

The Export button is not functional yet. Major changes are underway. As usual, we desktop users are the test subjects.

@Harry3, the latest version (19.5.42) is fixing the error when not selecting any item.

As for the Export button - it is doing what it should be doing. I will have to make it “prettier” or perhaps even moving the button elsewhere because it’s not meant to be used by 99.99% of people.

Here is where XML files can be uploaded (or modified)


How it’s meant to be working? For example let’s say Italy will change tax rate. You can create new business and set business location to Italy so you get current Italian tax codes imported into your new business file. Then you go to Tax Codes to create new tax codes to reflect the changes. After you are done, you can click Export button on Settings tab and upload resulting XML as Italy.xml to GitHub.

The repository is where all country-specific functionality is stored. It’s merged with Manager on regular basis.

Obviously, customization goes far beyond tax codes. You can create Italian specific custom fields, payslip items, country-specific tax or payroll reports etc.

I will be writing more detailed guide on this. The goal of all this is that country-specific functionality can be added to Manager but anyone. It’s not hard-coded in the program - it’s in XML files which are distributed alongside the program.

Thanks for that. However you missed my point.
I followed lobos’s instructions exactly, for Existing businesses
After selecting “Australian” from the dropdown, then clicking “Next”', the Australian disappears and there IS NO dropdown now to select ANYTHING !!
The screen is frozen with an error msg.
IF I could select SOMETHING I would do so.

@Harry3, I was able to get your error message by clicking Import without having made a selection in v19.5.41. But when I made selections, it all worked perfectly. That is why I answered the way I did. Version 19.5.42 fixes the problem I saw.

Now that you’ve explained a little further, I recall that I perhaps saw similar behavior the very first time I tried the Import function. That is, after choosing Australia, there were no further options. When I tried again, though, things worked, so I assumed I had mis-clicked. But I didn’t get an error message, just no choices. I’m curious whether v19.5.42 works for you, because it does for me.

Yes, that’s the issue alright. (v19.s.41).
I will upgrade (again) & let you know if v19.5,42 fixes it for me.
Cheers !

@Tut @Lubos
No go. Here’s the scrnshots after upgrade…

@Harry3 I will be making it a bit more obvious but you are meant to click into Import box and select items you need to import as per my guide.

I did that ( click into Import box. But nothing to choose from.
no list, nada.

@Harry3, this Guide just appeared on the web site. It might help: https://www.manager.io/guides/22139.

Just thought I’d inform you guys. I’m not a hokey who knows SFA. I’m a qualified ICT since yr 2000. I helped program a lot of the stuff around now. I was a Microsoft partnership at one point. Methinks there’s a typo somewhere in coding.But enough of me.

@Tut @ lubos

Thanks for the heads-up and link. I appreciate it. I’ll quote part of that guide and what happens when I follow it word-for-word…

Set up existing businesses

Setting up an existing business on Manager is more complex, because you will already have existing payslip items that cannot be abandoned. Instead, those must be configured to work with the new report. Fortunately, you only need to do this once. Then, just keep up to date as you add new employees.

This setup process must be completed separately for each Australian business in Manager. Localization settings and features do not carry over from one to another.

To more completely understand the importation process, read this general Guide before setting up a business for this particular report.

Harry3 tried to read this general guide. Here’s the result…
404 error

Go to Settings and click Import in the top-right corner:


Select Australia and click Next:


Harry3 tried that. After clicking [Next], here’s the result…


Now after clicking [Import], here’s the result…

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Info icon # The website cannot display the page
HTTP 500
### Most likely causes:
  • The website is under maintenance.
  • The website has a programming error.|
    ||## What you can try:|

[Refresh the page.](javascript:clickRefresh())|

[Go back to the previous page.](javascript:history.back();)|

More information [More information](javascript:expandCollapse(‘infoBlockID’, true);)|

So guys, WHAT NOW??
I think I’ll wait until the updates are de-bugged and Manager is actually READY FOR PRIME-TIME
Thanks all


The 404 error was already discovered. It was a hyperlink typo in the content source and has been fixed. The web site will update automatically tomorrow.

Fixed it. :wink:

You might also mention in the Manager guide that once the | -bar does appear, keep selecting items and adding them after the | -bar in the Import field.Then click the [Import] button to add all of them at one go. Screen will look like this…