PAYG Payment Summary Gross payment vs Payslip Summary Gross payment

I tried out the PAYG Payment Summary today, just as a test tool for filling out my manual ones. I ran a Payslip Summary report first as usual showing the year totals of Gross, Tax & Contributions for each employee. I noticed for 2 (out of 3) employees that the Gross amount on the PAYG Payment Summary was slightly lower than Payslip Summary report - one was lower by $1.23 instead of just rounded down 23c and the other was lower by $3.14 instead of rounded down 14c. I thought both these reports would draw info from the same source? I used the Payslip Summary report figures (not the PAYG payment summary figures) as this matched my P&L Summary page wages figures. But I think all these figures should match??

I also noticed that the superannuation contributions figures had auto filled into the Reportable Superannuation contributions box in the PAYG Payment Summary, but the info on the back of the manual PAYG Payment Summary forms explains that Compulsory superannuation contributions are not included as reportable super contributions, only extra super payments made thru salary sacrifice etc. I know this may not be important with the introduction of STP but thought I’d mention it anyway.

I haven’t upgraded to the latest desktop version and am running 19.6.10. Thanks.

Unless you upgrade to latest version, it is most unlikely anyone will be able to help you

You’ll need to upgrade to the latest version and download the new PAYG form from under localizations. Read the instructions there as has been some very recent work/changes in regards to the superannuation issue you mentioned.