Payee in an account

Hi. I used to be able to see who the Payee was when going into an account. This option is no longer there. Can I customize what I can see in the account.

This is not clear - are you talking about receipts, payments, invoices, …- please post a screen image of what you are missing?

The payee’s name is added to the description (View from inside the bank or cash account). For Example, if you paid $10 to Michael Jackson for entertainment, the Description will be presented as
'Entertainment Fees — Michael Jackson" under the Description column.

If you view the same transaction from the Receipt and Payment tab. There is a separate column for Payees or Recipients (Under the “Contact” Column).

I have Date, Transaction, Bank Account and there always used to be Payee here…is there a way I can add it

I think this was changed in a recent version so maybe you need to update

OK I get it now. The payee is not shown in the accounts now. @Joe91 which version are you using?

V 20.8.53.

I am adventurous when it comes to software and update regularly

Ok try 20.8.56 and let see

Payer is used in two context in Manager

  • Expense claim payer
  • Payment / Receipt payer / payee

I suspect @Joe91 and @Minus2 are looking at different things
My preference is

  • Payment / receipt payer to be replaced by customer / Supplier as described in Improvement to payment and receipt forms
  • On Summary page drill down of accounts I would find an icon for attachments more valuable.

I think you are misunderstanding @Minus2, I think he wants a column for the name he enters for Payers/Payees to show as a column on summary page drill down.

I had assumed that is what @Minus2 wants however

  • that is not what @Joe91 has shown.
  • Nor is it something I would value as I would get better value from using the screen real estate for other things. I would prefer to have cash purchases linked to suppliers and cash sales linked to customers. Implementing this would make receipt / payment payer / payee of limited relevance.

@Abeiku, you are spot on. That is what I want…

It always used to show the Payee, but after I did an update yesterday… this is no longer the case

It a helpful column.

For example, with my withholding tax payable workflow, I export the transactions in my withholding tax payable account to work with it. I do my deductions on the Payment Form.

I need the names of the Payees to show in the exported record from the withholding tax account (7.5% withholding tax account in this example) to help me easily prepare my tax returns document (Tax credit certificates will be generated for these Payees/suppliers). I copy the relevant columns (Transaction date, Reference, Payee, Credit column) straight to the tax returns form.

@lubos It would be nice to have the column back again. Unless of course, you have a better thing coming up soon.

Is there a reason not to have a single “Contact” column. Which could contain

  • Customer for sales
  • Supplier for purchases
  • Payee for expense claims
  • Employees for a payslip item
  • Payer / payee for payment/receipt where none of the above are defined

That would be great too. But how soon can we have that?