Payer name no longer appearing in income accounts

Having updated to the most recent releases, I notice that when “opening up” an income G/L account to see entries the name of the payer of income (for example a donation or other un-invoiced cash income was received) no longer appears. Similarly when running a “General Ledger Transactions” report the payer name no longer appears. The columns now showing are: Date, Transaction, Bank account, Description, Tax, Credit and Balance. But no payer name. The payer name is obviously “in the background”, but not in reports, and therefore not in any exports from G/L accounts. Any idea if this is a setting I can change? Thank you.

You cannot change content of a drill-down.

Thanks for the reply. Am I right, do you know, that the drill down columns in income categories has changed?

I don’t know. When I want to look up transactions related to a specific Payer, I look in the Receipts & Payments tab. To look this up by drilling down from the Summary, you must recall what account something was posted to.

Thanks again.