Can I get my payslips to show YTD earnings, tax and Super

Can I get my payslips to show YTD earnings, tax and Super as well as current pay period details

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You can add custom fields and then populate them with the data you want printed for each employee and period.They can not be calculated by Manager. You need a payroll system to do this and Manager is an accounting system

Manager does have the data so it could show summary on payslips in future.

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How do you suggest the format for that?

I have attached a payslip showing the YTD Custom Fields, but they are not populated. - What am I doing wrong and should they auto populate from the information the program has.

Custom field content is never automatic. You must enter it.

Is Payslip able include in some way by populating the information that is reported on the Payslip Report

That is the MTD or YTD information. - It is there for the Payslip summary but I require for the Individual Payslip for each employee.

Your question has already been answered. You can’t do this currently.

Is it the pipeline to be addressed?

It’s in the ideas category along with 106 other ideas. But that’s no guarantee of when or if it will be implemented.

The latest version (19.6.54) is adding ability to show YTD totals on payslips.

There is new field on payslips and recurring payslips:


If you want to show totals, this box will need to be checked on each payslip. You can use Form Defaults to set the default date so when you create new payslips, the box can be automatically checked with your YTD start date.

The presentation on payslip is quite ugly at the moment.

It will show the figures but not within line items of actual payslip. The reason is that YTD totals are grouped by Payslip Item but on any payslip you can use the same payslip item multiple times and supply different description. So these two layouts are not really compatible. Eventually I’d like YTD totals to be shown differently but there is some layout re-work needed to be done on payslip itself.

So this is not perfect implementation yet but better than nothing.

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Thank you, this is appreciated and very functional.

Have you considered having the payslip reporting period defined similarly to
Summary -> Edit -> Show balances for specified period

Either in the same place or on the Payslip tab or Settings tab

Maybe cleaner in the longer term

This is great thank you. Look forward to the layout changes.

Thanks @lubos this is a great addition. At the moment, my system is calculating YTD payments to four decimal places while traditionally dollars only work to two. Is there a “rounding” setting I’ve missed somewhere?

This was a bug. Fixed in the latest version (19.7.21)